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Subject: Tue, 18 Mar 2014
My visit today.

Hi Gemma,

I thought I would leave you a testimonial about our first meeting. Being able to come and see you at your lovely house was refreshing, and off road parking is great. Itís the little things that matter.As you know I was extremely nervous when I arrived, you put me at ease immediately with your intelligent, witty, friendly conversation, you are a very beautiful sexy lady, immaculately dressed and gorgeous lingerie. Your photoís certainly donít do you justice!! I didnít feel that you were rushing at all, everything seemed so natural, the way you teased me was way beyond anything I have experienced before. Your experience is evident by the way you use your range of toys and introducing me to things Iíve only ever fantasised about. I will never forget our time together. Ps. I would love for you to become my mistress, I feel I have been a naughty boy since our meting and need to be punished. D xxxx

Subject: Fri, 22 Feb 2013
My visit today.


I just wanted to thank you for this morning. You are beautiful and vivacious lady but despite your best efforts I was still terrified. I would like to see you again and next time wonít be as nervous.

Thanks again


Subject: Tue, 19 Feb 2013
Thank You hi gemma

Dear Gemma,

Thank you so much for yesterday. Yet again you gave my morale a real boost at a time when I was feeling especially low. Quite why your particular prescription is so effective I cannot say but ... it sure works!

That you are a true craftsman in the application of your remedy and your knowledge of the properties of the various instruments combined to deliver exactly the desired outcome without any side-effects.

I shall long treasure the memory of my visit and in one way hope that it will not be long before I go that way anew.

Thank you again so very much,

Lots of love,


Subject: Wed, 30 May 2012
Gemma hi gemma

it was great to meet you today thanks again for fitting me in i had a great time - i was well looked after in every respect you are a lovely charming gorgeous girl i cant wait to see you again - i will be in touch at the first opportunity

neil x

Subject: Fri, 2 Dec 2011
Gemma Thank you, once again, for such bright conversation, laughter and frolics. As ever you really provide the goods and in such a way that I come away rested yet invigorated.

Much love,


Subject: Mon, 7 Nov 2011
Hi Gemma, just wanted to thank you for last Tuesday,you made me feel very welcome and relaxed. And I gotta say you are extremely attractive and have a great body :) oh yeh you look fantastic in tights babe, just wish I had those tights now lol. Feel free to put this email on your review if you want to.

Ray xxx

Subject: 29th July 2011

Just a brief note to say a very warm thank you for the marvellous time that you gave me this morning.
I can certainly recommend your brand of relaxation therapy for anyone who is world weary or worried. Thank you again,
Take care.

Subject: Hello Mistress Gemma

Hello Mistress Gemma I wish to Thank You for teaching me how to behave on Thursday, and hope next time if I fail to please you, that you punish me with your strap-on. Even two days later my body still spasms when reliving my visit.
Yours obediently Mark

Subject: Thanks !

Dear Mistress Gemma,
I just wanted to say thanks for such a great session last Thursday. I really enjoyed it even though you were so strict with me and my bottom is still sore.I cant wait to come back and see you again !
James x

Subject: hello...

hi there, just wanted to say thank you so much for the other week at lunchtime when i came to see you, it was amazing and you made me feel so relaxed... you did things to me which i had never had done before and it was lovely, amazing... and you said somehitng that too that really appealed to me... you mentioned that you can dress me up in dresses, underwear as you had a full wardrobe... I havnt stopped thinking about you and the very little time i spent with you... but would love to see you again... and have you put things on me... dresses...lingerie if you have it... and also you mentioned you had a strap-on. this is something i'd love you to do with me after the last visit if at all possible...(not shy anymore!)...

so was wondering if would be possible to see you again for a lunchtime where you could dress me up and use your strap-on...

I thought you were amazingly lovely looking, and loved your figure and body, you probably get told this all the time, but me, I havnt stopped thinking about you...(sorry) yickes...scary how much... I know you probably get this all the time... guys liking you... but you were kind and lovely and knew what to do...probably comes with experience... but kind of eye opening...

right ill stop waffling, but would love you to dress me up, not sure how much or how far you go with this...


Subject: thank you for today

Hi Gemma

Just wanted to say huge thanks for today.  You gave me the most amazing orgasm – thanks!! Whilst quite nervous I felt comfortable with you and it was nice to be able to live out one of my fantasies. Hopefully I’ll be able to come and see you again soon.


Thanks again

Gavin x


Subject: Thank You

Hello Gemma,

Hope your are well, just wanted to say a huge thank you for an incredable 2hrs with you, you are an amazing women. Spending 2 hrs with you did me the world of good, thank you for letting me go on about my ex. You certainly gave me a lot to think about her, regarding my relationship with her.

I wasn't totally happy with my performance maybe next time I need to be more relaxed. I'm planning another visit in a few weeks time, but will call nearer the time to chat, you though were amzing!!! Next time i'll have more experience so not so much of a novice:)

It was certainly money well spent

A huge thank you once again - you can use any of the above on your testimonals page by the way.

lots of love

Tim xx

Subject: Oh, what bliss!

An absolute delight, as ever, to spend time with you today. Satisfaction guaranteed in every department.

Am now going to search for prnters and if I have a problem I'll be in touch. 

Much love and a big hug,


Subject: Thanks


Thanks for today - you certainly Gemma-ised me there - wow!!! Was well and truly opened up!

Very erotic - thanks again!



Subject: Thank you!

Hi Gemma,
Many thanks for a lovely morning yesterday. It was such a pleasure to see you again and you looked absolutely stunning,as usual.
I managed to follow your directions to the A3 at Puttenham and arrived at Hendon right on time at 2 pm.
Merry Christmas and happy and prosperous new year.
Much love!

Subject: Thank you

Hi Gemma
Can I just say a huge thank you for Saturday. It was a amazing experience, you certainly taught me a lesson for being late, a lesson that I will certainly be feeling for some time!
You are a fantastic and amazing lady, and very very addictive, I am so lucky to be able to come and visit you for such memorable experiences.
Many many thanks.

Subject: Thanks


Thank you for today, I had some fantastic new sensations!! Perhaps next time for my strap on fantasy, if you think I'll be ready? I felt very comfortable in your safe hands!

James! x


Subject: Hi

Just to say how much I enjoyed meeting you today.It was a lovely day,beautiful countryside and a wonderful session - I am very glad I phoned you this morning !

You looked great and really knew what you were doing...my bottom is still sore !
I really enjoyed being your slave and very much look forward to seeing you again.I know you already have several slaves but I would be happy to come over and do some jobs for you if you ever find yourself short one day !

Best wishes

Subject: RE: Punishment

Hi Gemma. Just like to say a big thank you for yesterday, to be caned on my bare bottom for the first time was amazing. You are such a talented and beautiful lady, I consider it a real honour to be able to come and visit and spend time with. Thank you again and I look forward to the next time.

Subject: RE: Booking

Hi Gemma
Thank you so much for this morning. As you know I was very very nervous but really really enjoyed it, you are a truly stunning lady, and to be carrying the marks you gave me for a few days is really an honour. I hope to return soon. Can you kindly tell me the name of the punishment video you had on, so maybe when I am unable to visit you at least I can watch it and imagine you giving me a thrashing.
Roger XXX 

Subject: A Big Thank You

It was such a wonderful opportunity to catch up with you again and have such wonderful afternoon delight! I am glad that you are as spectacular as ever and that I am feeling better than I was a few months ago.

I shall not leave it as long again until we have a rematch.

Much love and hugs,


Subject: headmistress

Hi Gemma  thank you very much for the fun at lunch time, I enclose a little picture, wowow, i have a real welt line, or two, silly to say but I feel quit proud of them, thank you again for naughty lunchtime, all the best Mark

Subject: headmistress

Hi Gemma , thank you for a very different lunchtime, I have never spent a hour like that before :-) I am sorry if I didnt get with the program and couldnt give you the 7-8 inches you wanted,lol and came a little early, but thank you for giving me a red bottom, and I did spot a couple of red and white welt lines, that I will have to hide away till they disapear, but in a way I look at them with pride, wowow, does that sound silly, I took a photo and sent them to my online American Girlfriend, and got the email back "oucchhh", again thank you for a exciting afternoon, all the best


Wow, what a great time. Gemma is to die for and really makes you feel at home. The things that she does with her tongue are also incredible!!



Just a quick email give you my contact details and to say thanks for a great afternoon the week before last. The photos that you took of me in the Victorian dress outside came out really well. You have a fabulous way with your mouth and tongue - but then you know that!!


Dear Gemma
My I say what a fantastic time I had with you this afternoon. You are a stunning lady with legs that go on forever. I will be back to see you soon and I may try your mild dom session. By the way your home is of the highest standard I have ever seen , it compliments you to a T.
Rgds Ian x  x 


just a a email to thank you for yesterday. You r a realy kind caring beutiful lady and you really made me fel at ease i hope to cum again soon and have the confidence to go further.

Subject: Thank You

Dear Gemma
Thank you very much for meeting me yesterday. As well as giving me a marvelous time you managed three things that I thought very difficult. You brought me to ejaculation which has not happened for a very long time - I feared that it would not recur.  You caned me - something last done when I was twelve, more than half a century ago.  Finally, you gave me a totally new experience which brought a new level of pleasure from behind.

Looking in the mirror this morning I can but admire your skill in the placing of the cane.  You are a consummate professional.

I do sincerely hope that it will be possible to meet again soon and to explore further your areas of expertise.  I shall be in touch.

Take Care,


Hi, Gemma,

Just wanted to say--absurd though it is in the circumstances--how nice
it was to meet you. You are a very pretty woman and a very nice lady. I
hope we'll meet again.


Hi Gemma,
I am really writing to say thank you; it was such fun meeting you and
pending a lovely sensual time with you. As you asked, I have submitted a
report for you on Punternet - I hope it serves you well, although I am sure you
don't really need it; your client base sounds extensive and rewarding, as your
responsiveness to your clients' needs deserves. Because you were a really
excellent companion as well as being so sensitive and generous in the
service you give. It was a true pleasure being with you.

Thank you so much. D xxxxx

Dear Gemma,

I could not let the day pass without thanking you for such a wonderful time
today. You are such a bubbly, refreshing girl that it is impossible not to
be uplifted in your company.

When we meet next I shall be more relaxed and perhaps we can go on, after
oral, to full sex. With you it sounds wonderful.

Big hug, R XXXX

I met with Gemma recently and found her to be fantastic company for the few hours I spent with her. I never felt rushed, and felt totally at ease. The photo's on her site do not do her justice as she is extremely more beautiful in person. I would certainly recommend you meet with her if you want a high class experience.

All the best T xxxxxxx

Hi Gem,
I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed yesterday's visit to you.
You are a lovely lady with an exciting appearance and a great personality.
I really appreciated your attention to my known and unknown desires. You
made me feel welcomed and to be at ease.

Keep well and hopefully we can meet again,

B xxxxxx

Sorry for delay in mailing to you just to say thanks for a great time on my birthday. Really enjoyed it and your pics dont do you justice, you look fantastic. Can hardly wait for our next meeting.

Love and Kisses Chris xxxxxx

Thank you for a wonderful session of 'Gemmatherapy' - if only you could bottle it! As before, I left with a song in my heart and a smile on my lips and wish you well until we meet again.  Have a wonderful holiday, by the way, and avoid the apple fritter sellers on the beach.

Big hug,R

Hi Gemma,
Just a quick note thanking you for this morning, It was extremely relaxing, just what the doctor ordered !! I allowed myself to be to relaxed, not your fault, and couldn't find the energy to rise again. Next time i will try your mild domnination, that will keep my awake.

many thanks