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Field report from a happy man

Posted on 17th April 2024 in what would you like to see on my web site
About the VenueScore: 10/10Spotlessly clean, smoke-free private house in a quiet residential area with safe, off-road private parking immediately outside.About Emma 4 funPhysicalScore: 10/10Emma is a tall, slim blonde lady with the longest legs and a toned athletic physique. She has a perfect complexion and super smooth skin and takes excellent care of herself, following a sensible diet and a daily regime of strenuous exercise. Her photos are an excellent likeness.PersonalityScore: 10/10Emma is friendly, welcoming and very easy to converse with. She is very experienced and happy to discuss clients’ desires and fantasies and how best they might be satisfied.ServicesScore: 10/10All of Emma’s “enjoys” list was on offer. My needs were fully met with great enthusiasm as described in the report. About the MeetingScore: 10/10I’ve seen Emma before so I had some idea what to expect. I telephoned her a few days in advance to make an appointment and said that I would message on the day when I was setting off from home, about an hour’s drive away. I also sent Emma her fee by bank transfer and she confirmed later that day that it had arrived safely.
It’s very reassuring to be visiting Emma knowing that her immaculate home is easy to find and has safe private parking a few yards from the front door. Emma was anticipating my arrival and the front door was ajar as I approached. She greeted me with a hug and a kiss and made me a cup of fresh coffee while we had a brief catch-up. I followed her upstairs, undressed in the bedroom and took advantage of Emma’s offer to shower. When I joined her again in the bedroom she removed her summer dress, beneath which she was completely naked, and we stood in front of the mirrored wall to embrace and kiss while she made sure with her hand that I was becoming suitably aroused.
Emma has very shapely feet which are always perfectly pedicured. I complimented her on this and she immediately reclined on her back on the bed and invited me perform some foot-worship. I knelt at the foot of the bed and gently licked her insteps and then moved on to her toes, closing my eyes and imagining that each toe was a clitoris. Emma responded with words of encouragement and some much more explicit talking when I took breath and said that I couldn’t decide if her big toe was more like a penis or a muscle-girl clitoris!
I noticed that Emma had begun to masturbate gently while I was licking her feet and she now parted her thighs and pointed to her vagina. I dutifully moved up the bed and began to lick gently around her labia and mound of Venus, ending with the tip of my tongue teasing her clitoris. Emma was making noises of appreciation and holding herself open for me when I felt her thigh-muscles begin to tense and she stretched out her legs.. She said “Go for it” and with my tongue flicking her clitoris as quickly as I could she came to a shuddering genuine orgasm, after which I switched to slowly snogging her labia to let her wind down. We relaxed for a few minutes and Emma then told me that it was my turn.
I reclined on the bed while Emma selected several of her many toys which she used in turn to vibrate my penis and perineum while masturbating me with her free hand. She was straddling my legs and I had an excellent view both of her front and, reflected in the mirrors, of her back and bottom.
She then moved on to some wonderful oral, pulling back the skin on my penis to tension my frenulum which she teased with the tip of her tongue to edge me. After allowing me a moment to calm down she began to repeatedly suck the head of my penis into her mouth and to gently bite the shaft, which she knew that I loved. At the same time she was using her hands to stroke my nipples.
Emma decided that it was about time for my orgasm. It was so thrilling to see and hear such a beautiful, naked and well-spoken lady uttering the most obscene phrases of encouragement, especially while she was straddling me and pinching both of my nipples as hard as she could, and I masturbated to a superb climax while cupping one of her boobs with my spare hand.
I had a quick shower and joined Emma downstairs for a chat before going on my way. This was a really enjoyable hour with a beautiful and friendly lady and I will certainly be returning for more of the same.
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Another happy man

Posted on 11th April 2024 in what would you like to see on my web site

Another happy man call to book apt xx

Repaiman (168) 10/04/2024 20:33 Positive Seeking Services
Fantastic couple of hours spent with this stunning friendly lady, not often I cum twice

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Another happy man

Posted on 27th March 2024 in what would you like to see on my web site
horncob (13)27/03/2024 14:57PositiveSeeking Services
Lovely friendly lady. fantastic body & legs that go on forever…Did something to me that I had never experienced before.Thank you Emma I needed the de stress. 
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Another happy man

Posted on 8th March 2024 in what would you like to see on my web site
walter gruntfuttock (67)08/03/2024 18:29Seeking Services
 Great to see Emma again after a long break and even more attractive than I remembered. Warm and welcoming she clearly enjoys her job. Emma’s a gem. X
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New photo from my shoot today. Do you like it?

Posted on 30th January 2024 in what would you like to see on my web site
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Another happy man woo hoo

Posted on 13th January 2024 in what would you like to see on my web site
ByFeedback DateRatingRole
Centaur75 (8)13/01/2024 11:23PositiveSeeking Services
Superb hour’s relaxation in the company of a beautiful, friendly English lady in an ideal location. Well worth a visit!
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Another happy man 13.01.2024

Posted on 13th January 2024 in what would you like to see on my web site

Absolutely Superb visit with a lady who knows exactly what she is doing. Highly recommend. I will be back soon 5 * service. thank you so much, Paul x

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Another happy man woo hoo owenlee Wonderful time! Very talented lady who looked after me with care and understanding. A gorgeous lady who’s profile is 100% true Looking forward to the next time!

Posted on 12th January 2024 in what would you like to see on my web site
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Another happy man

Posted on 29th December 2023 in what would you like to see on my web site

29/12/2023 12:09
Seeking Services
 Had a great time with Emma?she certainly knows what she is doing!
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What a lovely review

Posted on 26th December 2023 in what would you like to see on my web site
PositiveFalcon68 (34)25/12/2023 11:29Seeking Services
 OMG Gemma that PVC mini dress looked absolutely amazing on your toned body – mind blowing sex with this stunning mind. Cannot wait until the next encounter! Xx
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