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A slave that adores his mistress

Posted on 5th November 2014 in what would you like to see on my web site

In a bedroom in cranliegh is where my storey begins, after years of
frustration and fantasising over beautiful stocking clad women on dvds
whilst crossdressing i wondered if i would ever meet a beautiful women
of a similar mind, someone who would accept what some might call
strange or extreme fetishes, after trying and failing to meet someone
like minded i was browseing in a local paper and come across an advert
saying that all fantasies fullfilled by a lady in cranliegh with off
road parking etc, this really excited me i thought i may actually be
able to act out some of my fantasies, i rang a number and made an
appointment. The day of my appointment and i was very nervous as i did
not know what to expect, i arrived and the door was open, i called as i
opened the door, the beautiful lady replyed and told me to go up and
get ready, gosh i was so excited and she was stunning with long flowing
hair and legs and feet i would die for, anyway there i was all dressed
up in my little girly outfit with my stockings and suspenders on
feeling very horny and laying on the bed and she walked in and we
introduced ourselves and she asked what things i liked and nervously i
told her i had a fetish for legs and feet and stockings and tights and
with that she told me to lay down on the floor, as i lay down she put
my cock between her beautiful size 6 feet which where encased in silky
black stockings, straight away i felt my heart pounding as she rubbed
those stockinged feet all over my cock which was already getting close
to bursting point from the whole experience, after shooting my load
over those beautifull size 6`s she said to me gemma is a naughty girl
in a sexy voice,straight away i was hooked and wanted to know more
about this girl and indulge further, i told gemma that was always my
fantasy to have a foot massage and that she fullfield one of my
fantasies. As i kept seeing gemma i became very relaxed when in her
company and she explained she was a dominatrix, which i must say i
found very interesting as i had fantasised about being dominated but
never actually had met anyone before that would put fantasy into
reality, i had always fantasised about being fucked by a dominating
female with a strap-on but that was as far as my imagination ran away
with me up untill now, but that was about to change as mistress gemma
took the leading roll, as i had more appointments i fell into a
submissive roll and being trained by this dominatrix beauty, my first
learning kirb was to learn to take the leather strap and gradually
learn to take the cane which after each thwack!!!! i had to thank
mistress. i have learned now over the few years that i have known
mistress gemma not to cross her as i have only made that mistake once,
and for weeks i paid for that mistake, i got such a good caning i could
not sit for a week and was chastised and was given electricuting
lessons up my ass and was made to drink her urine and my spunk for
weeks on end. As i have said i learned not to say no to mistress and so
do everything she asks of me now, i fix everything in her house , i do
shopping for her , she forces me to deep throat her clients and now i
have been promoted to her personal footslave , so i now manicure and
service those pretty size 6 feet of mistress gemmas now , mistress
gemma has certainly got me where she wants me she has trained me only
to please. Mistress gemma has given me a new lease of life and has
taught me so much i am totally in her debt and therfore i will always
be her slave tending to her every need, i know mistress gemma is full
of suprises and know there is plenty more still to come and so i never
under estimate her highness mistress gemma xx

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