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Another happy man xx

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PositiveGHWT (9)14/10/2023 10:21Seeking Services
 Another amazing visit. A wonderful lady who knows exactly what she is doing. I WILL be back.
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A nice Field report from a client today.

Posted on 9th October 2023 in what would you like to see on my web site

I arranged to meet Emma at short notice, having seen her profile and telephoned her the afternoon before our meeting. She was very easy to talk to and once we had agreed an appointment for the following morning she gave me directions to her house, asked if I had any special requests and also offered the possibility of payment by bank-transfer, which I was glad to accept.
I found the house easily and Emma must have seen me arriving and parking in her private space since as I was approaching the front door, only a few steps from where I had left the car, the door opened slightly and Emma invited me in. I entered to be greeted with a hug and a kiss by a vision of loveliness! Although Emma had offered me a choice of clothing I had suggested that she wore what she found most comfortable and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.
Emma is very tall and slim – about 6’ 2” in heels, and she stood before me in black patent high heels, lace-top stockings and a black shortie tie-front dressing-gown in a fabric which was so sheer as to be almost transparent and through which I could see a beautiful toned athletic figure in a matching underwear set. I wasn’t totally lost for words and managed to ask if my bank transfer had arrived, as I did have some cash if required. Luckily it had gone through immediately on the previous day.
Emma offered me refreshments and made me a freshly-brewed cup of coffee which I sipped for a few moments while we chatted before going upstairs. Following her up the stairs was a very exciting preview of the delights to come!. She offered me the use of the shower, which I accepted to make sure I was really fresh, and I then joined her in the bedroom, where I noticed a selection of insertable toys on the bed.
I was naked from the shower and Emma was still dressed. We hugged and kissed again and Emma gently stroked my penis, which didn’t need much encouragement! She removed her gown and underwear, just leaving on her stockings, and ordered my to lie on the bed face down, which I did. I looked to one side to see her oiling her hands and she began to tease by buttocks and perineum and testicles and penis, eventually arriving at my anus. While teasing me there with one hand she picked up a prostate-massager toy with the other hand and held it close to my face, telling me firmly that she was going to insert it, as it would be a pleasure for both of us. She stopped teasing to get some lubricant and very soon I felt myself being probed. I relaxed as much as I could as Emma opened me with the head of the toy and after some gentle probing, ever more deeply, Emma gave a stronger push and the toy passed my sphincter. Emma is clearly an expert in such matters as she immediately found my prostate and began to massage it with the toy.
I do enjoy prostate-milking and asked Emma if I might assume the milking-position, on hands and knees, to which she readily agreed. She put some paper towels in a strategic position and I knelt on the bed, whereupon she grasped the base of my penis and testicles with one hand while manipulating the toy with the other, with the result that I was very soon dripping pre-cum, which Emma said she liked to see as it meant that she was hitting the spot. She then switched to a proper “pull and squeeze” milking action which was so, so exciting.
I was keen not to come prematurely so asked Emma if I might give her oral. She agreed and withdrew the toy and cleaned me up and then reclined on the bed, knees up and legs wide apart. I noticed that her nipples were very erect and that her labia were swollen with excitement and it was such a thrill when she put a beautifully manicured hand at each side of her labia and pulled them apart for me to begin licking.
After a short while Emma asked me to concentrate on her clitoris and stretched her legs out straight. I did as I was told and eventually was delighted to feel Emma’s hips moving in response to my tongue and her breathing becoming more intense. Her legs stretched out to their full extent and with a shudder she said she had come. At the same time I could feel her vagina pulsing against my tongue too.
After a few moments to recover Emma told me it was my turn for some pleasure and asked me for suggestions. I explained that I did like a little penetration but I preferred oral and hand relief to finish. Emma then told me to lie on my back and sat on my chest facing my penis while she used hands and mouth to make sure I was really hard and ready for the condom she had to hand. Once the condom was on she turned around to face me and guided my penis inside her to its full length. Rather then moving to make me come there and then she sat up so that I could observe her and gently touch her nipples. She also leant forward so that I could lick them too. Sitting up again she pinched my nipples hard with her nails and gyrated her hips oh so slightly while using her pelvic muscles to squeeze me.
Finally Emma allowed my penis to slip out and removed the condom. She now knelt between my legs, oiled her hands and began to masturbate me very slowly and deliberately, alternating this with some wonderful oral. In addition, when not giving oral Emma gave me some very exciting verbal encouragement. Eventually I told Emma that I felt my orgasm coming and she began to masturbate me harder and ever faster with lots more verbal encouragement and with obvious and supremely satisfying results.
Once I had recovered I made use again of Emma’s shower, for which she kindly provided clean towels, and toiletries if needed. It was then downstairs for another hug and kiss before I departed and I must say the Emma looked just as enticing in a blouse and jeans as she had done when dressed very differently earlier.

I will be back and thank you for making my fantasy real xx

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