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I recently did some double sessions with a couple of different ladies, one of them being a two girl experience for a guy Annabelle had seen before (his first time for 2 girl) it was very horny, he wanted us to start the session with him sitting on a chair close to the bed and see us girls undress each other & kiss passionately. I was getting very turned on and wanted to get my hands on Annabelle by this stage. I suggested she lay back on the bed and I worked my way up her legs slowly teasing and licking along her stockings and arriving at her tiny satin thong I kissed her over the thong and pushed my tongue up one side of them only licking where I could reach.
Annabelle was squirming and moaning by then for me to pull her thong down and lick her pussy and suck on her clit, well I certainly wasn’t going to say no to that request wink emoticon As my face was buried in her wet pussy I could feel my lycra mini skirt being pulled down from behind, exposing my stockings, suspenders and crutch less panties. I felt a hand on my bottom spank me several times right over both cheeks and then fingers probing my very wet pussy.
It was so tempting to just push back onto them as I wanted to cum but knowing my body I wanted to wait at this stage, I joined Annabelle laying back on the bed next to her and we looked up and grinned asking him to lick us both in turn while we kissed.
We had discussed what to use when it came down to fucking and decided for uninterrupted penetration going from one pussy into the other, that we would use the internal protection femidoms. It was really horny having him behind us both kind of leap frog on top of each other and feeling him thrusting into Annabelle while touching my pussy telling me I would be getting his cock next. He had good stamina and managed to hold back from spunking inside the femidoms and right at the end we thought we should share his cum with pushing our breasts together and him wanking over them finally spraying us both with a lovely creamy hot load.
The guys feedback on using the femidoms was that it felt more natural for him to fuck two girls in succession without stopping to change the condom and in his head kind of naughty too as his cock was bare but we were all still protected and safe whilst having a whole lot of fun!
Please note penetration WILL always be protected!!!
Part two to come in a few days as I’m feeling very very horny after writing this……..

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